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Here you'll find the Fitblr of an 18 year old named Katelyn on a quest to be (polo/pesce) vegetarian and to be fit as a fiddle. Feel free to browse around my little fitblr filled with typical fitblr stuff following no particular pattern! :)

SW/HW: 177 lbs
CW:161 lbs
GW: 145 lbs
Height: 5'7.5

Haven’t been here in a while!

Haven’t progressed any either. Looks like I fell off, but I’m coming back :)

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Let’s try something. If I get over 2,000 notes on this. I promise all of my followers that I WILL stop cutting and self-harming. I will throw away every razor blade, lighter, needle, safety pin, blade, and knife. I will do everything in my power to stop. I swear. And I will post daily pics showing you that I am doing okay. So here goes nothing

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Just because I have a ”Fit tumblr” does not mean that I always do everything right . It doesn’t mean that I eat just healthy food all the time. I mess up,I binge, sometimes I skip workouts, sometimes I don’t even want to hear about exercise.. but this is perfectly fine, because I always choose to keep going.







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words to live by…

In the end, it will all work out <3

So much this.

Absolutely this…

O my God. 10.000 Notes. Woaw,guys. Thank you. Stay classy and beautiful and fit!

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So lately everyone’s been asking about my ass.

Rather than just keep answering “Squats!” like everyone always says I thought I’d give everyone a taste of what I actually did. You can and should add weights to these moves when you get to that point.

All of these moves target your glutes, so get workin if you want dat ass!

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